A privately owned centre with a community feel.
Cath’s Kindy is licensed by the Department of Education and Care Services. The Centre is privately owned by Ms Cathryn Ivanoff. Cathryn is directly involved in the running of the Centre. Cathryn has owned and operated her own Centre’s successfully since 1998.

Our Team: The Centre is staffed by a qualified team of Early Childhood Educators who are genuinely interested in the care and development of your child. All members of the Cath’s Kindy team attend in-services throughout the year to maintain existing knowledge, keep up to date with best practice and continually update their methods and practices. With a wide range of experience, and a team which vary in age, we ensure a balance of care, practices and activities. A team that you can trust with your child.

Water Play
Water Play

Each room has a Room Leader, this person is responsible for the running of the room. They ensure programming, observations, learning stories, reports and all relevant documentation is completed as per Centre guidelines. They also have assistants in their room. We have a Nominated Supervisor whom is responsible for ensuring compliance to regulations. Our Co-Ordinator is responsible for all of the internal workings at the Centre, staffing, rostering, administration, fees, the outdoor program, enrolments, changes to enrolments, etc.

Staff at Cath's Kindy

Our Centre

Cath’s Kindy has 3 separate learning environments:

Our Snails (0-2 years), Our Caterpillars (2-4 years), Our Butterflies (4-6 years)

The Centre will be maintained by the highest level of safety and hygiene. We are proud to present to you a Centre which you will undoubtedly have pleasure bringing your child to.

We have a “Centre Philosophy” which we encourage you to share with us as well as our “Centre Aims”. Both reflect Our  Vision” and reflections on the service that we offer.

Please see our Parents Information Handbook for further information..