Our Program

Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) in which all 3 rooms develop and plan a program for all children to participate, both in a structured and unstructured environment.  The program heavily involves intentional teaching, school readiness, group times and is formed from child’s individual input as well as family and community input. At Cath’s Kindy we acknowledge the cultural and linguistic skills and varied experiences of each child, family and staff.  It also encompasses many different craft, sensory, and engaging free play experiences which forms part of our unstructured program.  The EYLF encourages throughout our daily program, each child having an opportunity to participate in it and achieve the learning outcomes which are:


  1. Children have a strong sense of identity:
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing;
  4. Children are confident and involved learns: and
  5. Children are effective communicators
At Cath’s Kindy we believe that children are active in their own learning. They require play as well as daily life experiences that stimulate their areas of development and we offer opportunities which will engage the children in exploring and experimenting.  In doing so we provide opportunities for each child to learn in a positive play environment as we ensure children are achieving their full potential through a holistic approach.

We aim for our environment to be open, vibrant, engaging and stimulating for all children to be involved in. We will provide an inclusive environment where all children are respected, nurtured and the environment allows the children to be involved learners.

Our School Readiness Program is designed to introduce children to the basic needs for entry to school, on an academic as well as a social level. Our primary focus is to introduce the children to a process of following instructions, learning to be patient, learning to put their hand up and being involved in interactive learning. For example, using iPads and whiteboards.  They also are introduced to the Ants In The Apple which is a phonics based alphabet learning tool and Count Me In which is a numeracy based tool.

In Term 3, Parent Teacher Interviews are arranged (2-6 year olds) to discuss your child’s progress and development.  Of course, all communication is open and available each and every day.  Formalised interviews offer an opportunity outside of the busy and rushed environment.

We provide a “daily journal” which is a digital slide show of your child’s day in a group setting as well as using “Kinderloop” to share your child’s day with you via an app.

Your child’s learning journey is documented in a portfolio over the year with learning stories, special events, family input, photos and any other special craft/events that your child wants to have in their “special folder” and this is available for you to look at any time throughout the year and gets presented to you at the end of each year.  It is our way of showing you not only their learning and development but their enjoyment and achievements.

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Our Location

18 Douglas Park Drive,
Wilton NSW

Benefits & Features

A privately owned centre with a community feel

Professional educators

Extensive school readiness program

Catering for children aged 0-6 years