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We love Cath’s Kindy. It has a warm homely feel to it. The team are so caring and welcoming, I feel comfortable leaving my kids in their care. Honestly wouldn’t send them anywhere else. Highly recommend.

Jess H

From the first time I walked in there, I felt my child was in the best, loving hands. thanks for everything you have done.

Erin W

Every day I drop my children to Cath’s Kindy, I am confident that they are safe and truly cared for, that they will be nurtured as individuals and learn new things. The educators are all professional, dedicated, accommodating and communicative. Families are welcomed and included in the Kindy’s curriculum and activities, and our broader community is engaged. I particularly appreciate the emphasis placed on diversity and inclusion, care for the environment and healthy movement and eating habits. I feel truly lucky that my children are able to attend this wonderful childcare centre.

Stefanie M

Both of my children have absolutely loved every minute spent at Cath’s Kindy! When there, I have every confidence that they are cared for and loved as if they were at home. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to give our children such an incredible environment to both grow and learn in. Both children are much richer for being able to experience Cath’s Kindy and we are very grateful!

Erin K

We arrived as strangers into the world of day care centres, and were immediately welcomed into Cath’s Kindy as friends. The staff are all professional, competent and caring educators, who show a deep knowledge of every child’s needs and are always ready to listen to any question or concern a parent may have. Cath’s Kindy is not just a model business, it’s a cornerstone of our community, and a part of the family!

Bronwyn H

7 years at Cath’s Kindy and I can’t fault the care that my family receives. They are the most caring, professional and loving team.

Cassandra T

Cath’s Kindy means a safe secure loving place for my children to go learn play and develop their social skills. When leaving my children in the care of Cath’s Kindy staff I leave feeling confident they will be nurtured and have fun. We hold a special place in our hearts for our Cath’s Kindy educators and see them as family. Couldn’t recommend Cath’s Kindy enough not only for the support love and care for my children but for myself as well. Thank you Cath and team xx

Carly T

We are so impressed with Cath’s Kindy. Our son has been going there for just under 2 years and is thriving. He bolts in the door every morning so excited to see the educators and the other children.  When he was little I always felt comfortable leaving him in their capable hands. All the staff are friendly and really make an effort to know your name and make you feel part of the Cath’s family.  The educators have put in so much time and effort with his development and I credit them for just how settled, adaptable and engaged he is. I’m so grateful to have these caring ladies looking after my son and highly recommend Cath’s to anybody looking for a dedicated team of educators. 

Belinda C

Moving 5 hours from all our friends and family, my Son Oden wasn’t a fan of family day care and I was worried how he would cope with a day care centre so far away from everything familiar. We viewed other centres where he clung to my leg whilst walking through, but the minute we walked into Cath’s Kindy he took off exploring, that’s when I knew Cath’s was the right place for him. He has been through some ups and downs with health and settling and the girls have been extremely accommodating for his active personality, he now asks to go to school every single day without fail. Thank you to each and every one of you for helping our family settle into a new area and making me feel comfortable to leave my son in your care.

Ashlee K

Marco is in his third year of Cath’s Kindy’s care this year and both Alessandro and I count our blessings every day that we found you those years ago.

Marco is a beautiful, intelligent, confident, loving, caring, humorous boy, and a significant percentage of that has come from the care your Educators and centre has provided him and us. Marco has greatly benefited from the variety of teachers he is exposed to everyday, and very clearly knows the boundaries that are in place once he steps through those doors (even if at times he tests them!).

One of my greatest delights is the extension of learning that he is exposed to on a daily basis. A child can find a ‘piece of treasure’ in the sandpit and that ‘piece’ is then extended into the learnings throughout the day. Marco recently did a news piece on the Harden kite Festival, which was then extended into the children making their own kites during the day. Brilliant!

As parents Alessandro and I have always educated Marco on healthy food choices and try to ensure this is displayed through our own eating habits. For Karen and the other educators to consistently share and promote this same message in its many ways, shapes and forms, is quite simply a dream for us. Marco always asks “is this healthy?”, “that’s far too much sugar in it”, “that’s not good for your teeth”. Proof that it’s all sinking in with him! This stuff absolutely sets him up for life. Not to mention the benefit and delight with combat day.

One area I can suggest as an opportunity is further exposing the children to the many areas of disability, and how normal it is. Out and about with Marco he will ask me about a person he sees using a wheelchair, or using sign language, Marnees hearing aid, a guide dog, someone using crutches, why a child is speaking extra extra fast, when we catch up with Mel’s Mum Svetlana about her legs, etc. I take the time to explain each situation to him, knowing as he is getting older, going to a bigger school, it’s part of life and extremely important for him to always be inclusive.

We are saddened by Luca missing out on Cath’s for 2018, but delighted to see him grow in your care from 2019 onwards.

Thanking you both and your Educators, as always.

Alessandro and Elizabeth

We feel so lucky to have Cath’s kindy as such a wonderful support to raising our daughter Sofia. Sofia comes home every day and amazes us with something new she has learnt from day care.

She is always made to be so welcome and all the educators know Sofia by name and say hello and good bye even if she isn’t in their room.

We often talk about how fortunate we feel to have found Cath’s kindy.



To Cath and the team,

I am writing to say thank you for your ongoing care and support of my children over the past eight years. As the year draws to a close and Sofia is graduating and moving onto big school, I think it’s a nice time to reflect and say thank you. Although they will both attend before school next year and will not be leaving the centre, Charlie and I would like to thank you and your staff for all that you do.

Antonio and Sofia both started at the Centre when they were just six months old. It was a difficult decision to return to work, particularly as they were so little. From the very beginning both children have thrived in a caring and nurturing environment that you and your dedicated staff have provided.

They have been exposed to various social and educational experiences daily. Both Antonio and Sofia have been happy engaged children who have looked forward to sharing their world with you and your staff. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for the love and support you have shown our family, nothing has ever been too much trouble.

At times as a new mum, I like many parents have questioned myself and my ability to be a ‘Good” parent.  I have appreciated a listening ear and reassurance from qualified staff who understand that children are different and that those differences should be nurtured.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed. The Savignano Family thanks you for all you have done and continue to do.

Vanessa, Charlie Antonio and Sofia

Dear Cath,

I wanted to provide this feedback about our experience so far with Cath’s Kindy as a new family who has joined this year.

As you know, Anton is our first child, and we really didn’t know what to expect from a daycare centre and there was a fair amount of nervousness about how this would work with our family schedule, and more importantly, whether Anton would enjoy the experience. We were also aware that putting a 7-month old into care for 5 days per week was potentially a lot for a small person to take in. Would we have tantrums, or end up with a fearful or sad child every afternoon at pick-up time?

But we are SO glad we made the decision that we did. Anton has flourished during his time with the Kindy. He has grown so much emotionally and developmentally, and I think the Kindy environment has been key to this. His ability to interact with other children at such a young age, and be in the frequent company of a group of kind and genuinely caring educators has enabled him to learn and absorb things very quickly. He is now an engaging, happy, fearless, curious and sociable child. As a parent, I feel that this has been the best environment for him. I’m constantly astounded by the range and creativity of activities that Anton engages in at Kindy. Water play, arts and crafts, outdoor activities – these are all things that as busy working parents, we would struggle to provide to Anton. Knowing that he comes home every evening – happy, entertained and learning is the best feeling.

I especially like the fact that the educators all communicate so well with each other and with us. The use of technology has been great for us – electronic sign-ins, Kinderloop and emails work brilliantly. All the educators know my child by name, they have a good sense of his personality and take a genuine interest in how he is going. I appreciate the amount of work and planning that goes into each day, and believe that the educators all have a genuine passion for what they do, so they do it with ease and happily. This creates a great environment for the children who pick up on these cues and the moods around them. The educators also educate us as parents all the time – letting us know when Anton could move onto different food textures, or spend more time outside, or can try different types of foods. We really appreciate that they have our child’s best interests at heart and want to establish a good connection between home and daycare for Anton.

Another stand-out for us is the fact that we can prepare packed lunches for Anton. This means that we know exactly what he is eating, and we can prepare Chinese food for him that he also has at home, and so the food learning experience becomes quite seamless for him.

Thanks for all that you and your team do – we are absolutely thrilled to become part of the Cath’s Kindy family, and look forward to a continued great relationship with the educators as Anton grows up.

Cherry Siu-Ho and Benjamin Ho

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