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Welcome To Cath’s Kindy Preschool and Early Years Learning Centre

Cath’s Kindy, Preschool and Early Years Learning Centre, is a purpose built centre which opened in October 2004. We offer superior quality care and development, servicing the Wollondilly Region and outskirts. To give you an idea of where we are in Wilton, we are located just 3 minutes from the M5 Freeway to Sydney, 2 minutes from Bingara Gorge Wilton, approx 13 minutes drive from Picton, 20 minutes drive from Campbelltown and 25 minutes drive from Wollongong.

We are a dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic team of professional educators. Together the team at Cath’s Kindy have over “50” years of early childhood experience and knowledge. We cater for children aged 0-6 years.

We are dedicated to meeting each child’s individual needs whilst they are developing in our care. We want both children and parents to feel happy, safe, comfortable and be able to establish themselves as an individual outside of the family unit. We have an extensive school readiness program which is designed by a Primary School Teacher.

We welcome parent/carers input and value the link we have as part of your child’s extended family. We feel we have a special responsibility to be involved in the care and development of your child.

We are a privately owned centre with very much a “community” feel.

We look forward to meeting you!

Martina Albert and Mirette Hanna, Directors

Our Adopted Australian Wildlife after the 2019/2020 Bushfires

When the centre re opened after Christmas New Year in January 2020, the discussion with the children was very much impacted by the devastating bushfires that we were all affected by in some way.

I myself was in Batemans Bay on New Year’s Eve which is something I will never forget nor wish to ever go through again. As part of our intentional teaching we practiced our regular fire drills as well as assisting the children in understanding all aspects of these bushfires as we talked about our wildlife.

The children were very involved in this discussion over numerous weeks as they drew and used sustainable resources to design a tree and build burrows to recreate our wildlife habitat.

To extend on this, the children in each room chose an Australian animal that has been affected by the bushfires. Our Snails (0-2 year olds) chose a baby Kangaroo, our Caterpillars (2-3 year olds) chose a baby Koala and our Butterflies (3-5 year olds) chose a baby wombat.  Miss Karen also wanted to add an animal into the Butterflies room that wasn’t as common which was a flying fox.

After investigation, Miss Kim found a website called ‘Green Heroes’ and they are part of a Wildlife entity that looks after sick and injured animals until they are able to be let out into their own environment again.  In this, we had the opportunity to adopt animals that have been injured or have lost their parents in the bushfires and need assistance to become older and stronger before they can be released.

Miss Cathy thought what a fantastic opportunity to be involved with the community whilst helping our wildlife as well as using this as a relevant teaching resource within the centre.

So I have great pleasure in introducing to you:

  • Ommy our baby Kangaroo Cobargo Wildlife Shelter
  • Muffy our baby Koala Wildlife Empire in Goondiwindi
  • Ember our baby Wombat Majors Creek Wombat Sanctuary and
  • Cruella our baby Flying Fox Wildlife Empire in Goondiwindi

We have received letters from our sponsored animals and the children are now going to become very interactive whilst learning about their room animal(s). A Wildlife Hospital will be set up in the Butterflies room which mimics the various Wildlife sanctuary hospitals assisting these animals with their recovery as this allows the children to role play being a wildlife carer.

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