Just a note to once again thank you and the girls… Bella has come such a long way and even Karen has told me she is a particularly different girl this year with her 2 days. ..And last Friday was our first drop off without tears which was amazing and I got to drive out of the car park with a smile on my face 🙂 Jess and all the girls in with Bella have been so wonderful and whilst persisting with their beautiful morning greetings for her despite her tears and sometimes stand offish start, they have never pushed her and let her come to them in her own time and now, well, I think she thinks she runs the place 😉 I know each day is different and no tears last week certainly doesn’t mean no tears this week but she is certainly improving. And her knowledge and understanding and her overall social skills and confidence levels have just sky rocketed and I have a little girl who is doing things that not so long ago, I didn’t think she would ever do! I know she is growing up but a huge part I’m certain, I can attribute to her days at kindy. So Thankyou and Thankyou to the girls, who I’m sure are probably not thanked as often as they should be!