We have an amazing cook, who has in place a wonderful menu which rotates fortnightly.

Our aim is to provide the children with a balanced and nutritional diet that meets 50% of their recommended daily intakes, by introducing a variety of foods from the Core Food Groups.  They are breads, cereals, dairy, meat and meat alternatives, fruits and vegetables.   We also cater for children with a variety of nutritional alternate foods due to special diets, religious beliefs etc.  We will role model to the children the benefits of eating a balanced diet by sitting down during mealtimes and discussing eating habits and varieties of foods with the children.

Children will be served food that includes foods from the core food groups ensuring that it provides variety in color, taste and texture.  Parents are encouraged to have their point of view and suggest other meals. They might find a favorite home meal and it may be introduced to the daily menu for variety.

Food preparation, serving and handling will be managed in accordance with hygiene practices.  We have staff that have completed the necessary training on food handling/hygiene, menu planning and nutrition to ensure this is complied with.

We provide an extensive outdoor program with a focus on the importance of physical activity.

Our Outdoor Programming is designed by a Certificate 3 Trained Personal Trainer.  It focuses on healthy, active, play.  It covers all areas such as, Gross Motor, Hand Eye Co-Ordination, Reaction Times, Games, Music, Movements, Dancing, Group Exercise, Meditation, Imagination, Balance and Agility.  If you have a moment, take a look at our Gallery which showcases our very famous, and very popular Combat Days which are held regularly throughout the year.  The kids LOVE IT!!

Throughout our Program the children get an opportunity to cook.  This is another extension to open up discussions about healthy eating and giving the children the opportunity to learn these skills also.

Discussions on healthy living are promoted through our programs. Our staff are committed to educating children as well as families on the importance of healthy eating and living.  We hold Dental Health Awareness sessions as well as Eye Sight Testing for children going onto school the following year.

We provide a Centre that is maintained to very high standards of hygiene and safety by following guidelines set by the NSW Department of Health in conjunction with South West Area Health Service, Munch N Move Program.