Mother’s Day Morning Tea

7 May 2015
Each year we get very excited about sharing a special morning with our Mums. We all know how busy life is with children and working and all the things that are being what a Mum is all about, so we relish in the time taken out to watch our Mums interact with their child in their Kindy environment as well as us as Educators being able to share some one on one time with our Mums.
As we do, we start off in the backyard with some climbing, digging, riding bikes and then our annual photo then it’s off to each child’s room to share in some fun and messy activities.
Each room had a variety of craft, construction, puzzles, reading, sensory and social activities happening. Younger siblings for other rooms were able to come and share time with their older silbings so Mum didn’t have to tear herself into halves or even thirds!
To have 4 generations of one family share the morning with us was just wonderful and to share a morning with one of our Grandmother’s whom is on holidays from Vietnam was very special.
There were numerous things baked and made, butterfly cup cakes, sausage rolls, biscuits just to name a few to share and taste and a cuppa made at the end of a busy morning. The children took great delight in not only showing their Mums what they do at Kindy but proudly showing their portfolios and their various artworks displayed throughout their room. The children delighted in being a waiter and passing around the plates of morning tea to their Mums and all the other Mums.
Everybody had a smile on their face and shared in the height of activity at Cath’s Kindy. We thank all of our Mums, Grandmothers and Great Grandmother for sharing this special morning with us. We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we all did. Happy Mother’s Day.