Elizabeth & Alessandro (May 2015)

Hi Cath, Karen, Jess, Emma, Nat, Sharon, Jen, Kellie, Rebecca, Pauline & Kaitlyn

We wanted to send you a brief email to express our sincere thanks for how beautifully you have welcomed Marco into Cath’s Kindy.

As you know, we moved into the area from Sydney half way through last year. Marco continued to commute with me to his day care centre in Sydney three days a week, but by September it was clear the commute was frustrating him and in turn becoming quite stressful for me (the daily Wiggles tunes were killing me ). We began the search for a new day care and I clearly remember the day we found Cath’s Kindy. Marco & I turned up unannounced and were very warmly greeted by Sharon who kindly showed us through all areas of the centre. I remember walking out, breathing a sigh of relief, calling Alessandro and saying “I found it!”. The warmth of the centre is felt everywhere.

Since Marco began in January he has got to know every one of you, and children across all ages which is something that is quite unique, something that comes with a smaller close knit centre. Marco is developing lovely relationships with everyone and has become quite the chatterbox. He loves talking about his friends and all of you.

At the beginning of Marco’s week I often find myself quickly checking through all your communications to check what he has on that week – Combat Day, Harmony week, Steam festival week, Backyard Bugs visit, Librarian visit, Mothers Day…this list goes on and on. To have this all so seamlessly organised is a dream for us and Marco! We feel really blessed with the communication you provide us with – Kinderloop, newsletter, daily activity details, communication book, email updates, facebook, daily photos, etc! This all helps us to feel very close and involved in Marco’s time at Cath’s Kindy.

Thank you all again from bottom of our hearts for welcoming our little Marco. Knowing that he is safe, well loved, well educated & so happy makes us feel very well rested.

The Low Family (Dec 2014)

The team at Cath’s Kindy is wonderful! Never have I walked into a Child Care Centre and felt an immediate and genuine warmth and concern for all the children under their care. My two boys Alex and Andrew both attend the centre and love it there. The changes I have seen in my youngest child Andrew (he has been attending since the age of 10 months) have been amazing! I love it when he comes home and sings me a song that he has learned from the lovely ladies (my favourite at the moment is Puff the Magic Dragon!) or when he shows me a drawing that he has created. I am really happy that Cath’s Kindy provides Before and After school care for my older son Alex. They make sure he gets to school and they are always happy to call and talk to me if there is a problem with transport or illness. I can go to work, knowing that my children are being looked after in a wonderfully caring, safe and happy environment.

I really mean it all… You guys do a wonderful job – just today Andrew was saying ‘I don’t want to go to Kindy’ – even as we got out of the car! As soon as we walked inside he stopped. He saw Sharon and all his friends and sat on the mat and played like the past ten minute car trip never happened!! He just changes so much when he walks into the Centre – my baby is starting to grow up :'(
Thanks again…

The Flynn Family (Dec 2014)

I just want to thank Cath’s Kindy & all of the girls for being so amazing!

Bailee loves getting up in the morning knowing she is going to school here!

I also love the fact that I have peace of mind knowing that she is having a great day while learning and developing skills for her future, she always has a different story to tell us when we pick her up about what she learnt or did at school today.

The girls have worked with my daughter from day one to ensure that her individual needs and goals are achieved & I am amazed at how much she has grown & developed over her time here.

Cath’s Kindy is by far the best childcare centre I have had my daughter attend and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Thank you again 🙂

The Mackay Family (Dec 2014)

I wholeheartedly recommend Cath’s Kindy. My son had attended Cath’s from the age of 2, until he graduated to Kindergarten in 2013.

My daughter commenced care with Cath when she was 5 months old and is now in their Butterfly Room (4-6 year olds). The care provided to the children is at the highest level, this is shown through the love my children have for Cath and her staff.

Cindy Sugden

I would just like to thank the team again for all their hard work and dedication to the children. It makes going to work and leaving your child an easier process.  Thanks again, Cindy.

Nathan and Erica Yeo

Just a note to once again thank you and the girls… Bella has come such a long way and even Karen has told me she is a particularly different girl this year with her 2 days. ..And last Friday was our first drop off without tears which was amazing and I got to drive out of the car park with a smile on my face 🙂 Jess and all the girls in with Bella have been so wonderful and whilst persisting with their beautiful morning greetings for her despite her tears and sometimes stand offish start, they have never pushed her and let her come to them in her own time and now, well, I think she thinks she runs the place 😉 I know each day is different and no tears last week certainly doesn’t mean no tears this week but she is certainly improving. And her knowledge and understanding and her overall social skills and confidence levels have just sky rocketed and I have a little girl who is doing things that not so long ago, I didn’t think she would ever do! I know she is growing up but a huge part I’m certain, I can attribute to her days at kindy. So Thankyou and Thankyou to the girls, who I’m sure are probably not thanked as often as they should be!

The Haerens

What an awesome graduation!!! Thank you to all of you for making it such a special event. The room looked beautiful and the kids were just gorgeous. Loved the certificates!!!! Thank you also for the massive amount of work that went into Joel’s portfolio, we were so thrilled with it and know he is more than ready for big school. Joel has had such an amazing time at Cath’s Kindy (we really appreciate the hard work and time Karen has given Joel) and I’m so glad that we will still see you, with Charlotte having a few more years with you. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a well earned break

LiLi Maarbani

Thank you for putting on such a special graduation ceremony. The kids looked so cute and you could see the kids felt so special and proud! I know the staff probably feel they are just doing their job but to us parents events like this mean so much.
Elyssa wanted to say thank you for her special graduation bear, she loves it!
We wish all the staff a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!
I hope you have a great time on holidays and don’t stress your staff do a fantastic job 🙂


Cris and Michael Bull

Thank you for the fabulous Christmas Party on Friday. I usually find that Christmas parties for children are dreaded affairs, often being more stressful than staying at home. Thankfully not the Cath’s Christmas party; at this party parents can relax to some degree (sit down on a blanket, socialise, eat nibblies and drink wine ) and the kids have so much to do and see.

Both Andrew and Nicholas had a wonderful time. We stayed much later than we had planned, as the boys were really enjoying themselves and all their favourite stuff was present – animals, paint, balloons, jumping castles etc!

We are glad that we will remain a part of the Cath’s community for a little while longer next year through before and after school care, as I think it would be sad to break away just yet.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you at the graduation

Ana & Stewart Neale

Ana and I wanted to let you know how impressed we have been with your childcare centre.  Right from the introduction back in Sept 2011 to this present day everybody we have met that works there is friendly, compassionate, down to earth and always eager to answer questions on how Xavier has been spending his day.

Our previous experience with child care was one of frustration, exasperation and general disappointment.  They seemed to be more worried about the commercial gain than the impact on society by caring compassionately for our little man.  We often found him sat in a pram by himself away from other kids.

Due to that unpleasant experience we were unsure of what to expect.  What we got was a child care centre that  Xavier is excited about going to everyday.  A place where the guilt we feel as parents having to leave him there is lessened a lot due to the nature and nurture of your centre, as well as the enjoyment he gets from it.  A place where good eating habits are promoted and where exercise is promoted as the norm and not an exception.  Again, thanks to you and your beautiful staff