At Cath’s Kindy our aim is to provide a home like environment, warm, friendly, harmonious, inviting, welcoming, and lots of parent involvement.  We want not only the children to feel comfortable but also parents.  We openly promote free communication without time restrictions which is reflected in our Open Door Policy.

We encourage  children to be active, independent learners, using the staff and environment as facilitators to their learning rather than imposers of knowledge.  This promotes confidence and positive development of the child’s self esteem.

When a child is confident and willing to try they will learn.  Every child has strengths in different areas of development.  Learning is fun, it can be as an individual, or in a group with either peers or other children and adults.  Learning and development is not a race, children develop at their own pace, to push this will inhibit rather than enhance a child’s development.  To ensure comfort, care and mutual respect to each individual child.  A strong focus on the social aspects of each child as they progress getting ready for their transition to school.

Our framework will reflect all of the above points, be interest based and promote individual developments and achievements as well as following the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

Children  will learn who they are, they will be safe, happy and healthy.  They will relate positively to others and enjoy themselves.  Children will learn in appropriate ways and will learn to respect the natural environment.  Learning will not be limited by gender or race.  Decision making will be shared and conflicts resolved peacefully.  The importance of the home and family will be recognized and ongoing communication and interaction between home and the Centre will positively foster children’s learning.  We will remain a Centre with a Community feel and this will be embedded within our Program and with our interactions with our families and the Community.